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The lazy saw-er

I loathe using my jeweler’s saw.  I will use cutters or shears as much as I can, and only then I will saw.  It just seems so inefficcient!  Rrr-rrr-rrr-rrr….  Today I was cutting 10ga wire for soldering into rings, so I wanted the ends to be flush.  I waxed the blade and begrudgingly got to work.  Wanted to make several rings to save a little efficiency, I made a coil with my ring-forming pliers so I could cut them all at once.  “Once” meaning one 5-minute sawing run.  (Yawn.)

Some people say they get into a rhythm when sawing, that it’s actually relaxing.  Because for once I wasn’t trying to cut something like a heart out of sheet, I actually understood what they meant.

And then I broke my saw blade.  Maybe the first time ever, but at least in the past few years.  I told you I don’t saw that much, but now it feels like I’m a real jeweler breaking saw blades like the big boys.  I’m sure I’d jump even if I broke one every day.  (Cheryl, I know you are laughing because you saw as often as you can.  Like, don’t you slice carrots with your jeweler’s saw?) 

Now if only I could find my spare saw blades.  I have moved my studio twice since I needed a new one, so I scrapped the search efforts and finished a ring I’d already cut.  Fused ends, hammered a flat surface, stamped with leaves, then stamped, “To thine own self be true” on the other side.  Great idea for a grad!