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New location

Hey, Winchester!  There is a new salon in Creekside (the original section way to the left) called J. Jett Salon & Company.  I’ve been getting my hair cut by Jamie (the owner) for about a year now and she’s great!  (540) 686-7225   I love that she’s a straight shooter, and I think Creekside is a good location for her.  Her mom Janet is the shampoo girl who also gives hand massages.
And?  There is a small selection of AnneMade Jewelry for sale at J. Jett Salon …

$30 Pendant necklaces

Hand-stamped pendants ($30-40)
The majority of my inventory is still at Simply Charming Boutique on the Loudon Street walking mall.  I love Brenda and think she’s doing a fantastic job with the shop.  Every time I go in there things are different and new, which I know is a lot of work but makes it more fun for us to shop.