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Historically I tend to make whatever jewelry designs I feel like at the moment.  Maybe I find a strand of gorgeous turquoise or I have a wire design in my head that I want to work into a sampler link necklace.  This game plan offers a ton of flexibility for me because I can explore lots of different techniques from etching and metalwork to silver, copper, and polymer clays.  Sometimes I can combine different skills in one piece, like soldering custom bezels to showcase pretty papers under protective resin.  This is something I had been playing around with in my head while I was on hiatus in Sweden, and after moving into my new studio space this fall I got to play around with different soldering methods (soldering iron, torch) and be reunited with my paper collection after it had been tucked away in storage while we were gone.

2015-09-17 17.35.27

Unfortunately I realized that my epoxy resin needed to be replaced before filling the bezels, so while that was on order I got to work doing what I “should be” doing.  You see, not having many design boundaries leads to an eclectic look when you see lots of my pieces together, but jewelry tends to sell better when there is a cohesive look to the display.  So the designs I planned while brainstorming and playing with wire in Sweden finally came to fruition this month.  I wanted to create pieces that were a little less funky and chunky, more modern and sleek so they would be able to layer together nicely and appeal to customers who tend to wear delicate jewelry.

Small Infinity, Silver Curve, and Smooth Bar Necklaces

The simple designs are a lower price point and allow me to create when I can fit it into my family’s schedule.  The Simplicity Collection is available by clicking here.  My favorite piece right now is this sweet little bow I form from wire and hammer for dimension.

Silver Bow Necklace