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Please pass the sledgehammer

We are finally doing the bathroom renovation! I had a contractor come out to give me an estimate in the fall and I never heard from him again. Then Christmas happened and we finally found a good contractor. “But I thought you already worked on that bathroom.” Yep, we made some great changes in the vanity area which will remain intact, but our shower is still smaller than a coat closet and the general feel of the room is rather sterile with the gray and white tile. Pictured here is a “before” shot. (Totally unfair being at night and all, kind of like the pre-plastic surgery photos where the woman doesn’t smile).Our plan is for the team to remove the fiberglass shower, annex part of the adjacent closet (not our main closet anyway), and retile the whole room in sand and cocoa tones to warm up the space visually. Right now they’re smashing tile, so it’s a good thing Steve’s not working from home today. I want so badly to go in there and help; I have an unusual hatred for that tile.Riley has been great at welcoming all the strangers into our home (some watchdog), but other than our walk with my mom this morning we are shut in my studio so Riley doesn’t get in the way.