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Drove to Ikea to get the rest of my new desk. I went last Friday and forgot one piece. Sometimes it backfires when their stuff is so customizable.

Bead show at the Dulles Expo Center, am very excited for new pretties (freshwater pearls & smoky quartz pictured).

Went to see I Am Legend at the Imax theater in Harrisburg. The movie was exciting and made me think. I recommend it.

Slept in.

Made gingerbread pancakes with Steve. Still not the same as the ones at Perkins, but very good (read: 6T butter).

Shopped with Cornerstone people for a local family whose house burnt down. (We are so blessed to have this group of friends. We have fun no matter what we’re doing). Because of the forecast the group Christmas party was postponed, but most of us still hung out and watched Elf.

We’re getting an ice storm, so I’m hoping to post pictures later. Going to look for some coffee and leftover gingerbread pancakes… Hope you all had a good weekend!