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The view from my studio

Our neighbor Mike loves to work on his yard. If he’s home, he’s outside. His grass is plush and green (even now, in December), he edges the sidewalk grass regularly, and he has all kinds of immaculate landscaping. He’s the guy that makes the rest of us look bad, but I love that it improves the view from my studio.
I think one of his pet peeves (other than living across the street from Not Yard People) is having leaves disrupt the absolute perfection that is his lawn and driveway. We joke that Mike waits in his garage until a leaf falls, then uses his backpack blower to send the leaf into the street. The obsession has risen to a new level as he is blowing the leaves off his lawn and driveway in the middle of 35mph wind gusts. Oh look! Sure enough, here come leaves that he just blew into his neighbor’s yard.