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This week

It is raining today and Riley has been moping around, willing it to dry up so she can stalk the robins. Remember how I said I weeded on Saturday? Well, I got poison ivy on my forearm. I knew I was handling it, so I used gloves and washed my arms afterward. On Sunday I noticed 3 “bug bites” that started spreading and getting painfully itchy. I will spare you photos and instead post a picture of my latest creation. I want to oxidize it, but that means hand-polishing because I can’t tumble sponge coral or turquoise.
Steve and I were in Delaware Sunday through Tuesday, then he flew to California and gets back today. So I haven’t moved anything from my studio upstairs yet. It has been so blazingly hot this week that I actually don’t mind being in the basement. I’ve been writing tutorials, describing every little thing I do for a project and then taking step-by-step pictures.
Yesterday I met with one of the bead stores in town and scheduled classes for August. Then I helped my dad go through stuff that has been in their basement. I filled my car with the boxes of Wedgewood and Fiesta dinnerware I inherited but don’t quite know what to do with. Dad went to the Orioles game last night, so Mom and I gave ourselves pedicures. And to top off how cool my mom is, she recently stocked the basement fridge with alcopop.