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This is December for a jewelry designer

I have come to the realization that I’m somewhat of a work slut. I said I was going to stop taking orders for Christmas at the beginning of December, but who am I to deny people the perfect gift of personalized jewelry? I have become that woman who works right up until her due date, the one I always scoffed at, thinking that being nine months pregnant would surely render one incapacitated. On Friday I was a busy bee and got the last of my Christmas orders shipped, and then I indulged in a rare nap. I didn’t work a whole lot over the weekend, but this morning I was right back at my bench to complete this copper grandmother’s bracelet before I have my annual burnout on jewelry making and shift my focus to our baby. I do have one more order that is due in January, but at lunchtime I made myself take a break and turn on the TV in the middle of the day. And it just happened to be the end of an Obligatory Movie, so Steve watched the rest of it with me as his own little celebration.

Speaking of Steve, can I just say how proud I am of him? As National Sales Manager for his company, he was presented with what I thought was a ridiculously challenging 2008 sales goal last December, lofty even before losing part of his team during the year. Well, today he and his team actually reached that unrealistic goal and I am so proud to see Steve’s dedication pay off.

Merry Christmas, everyone!