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Anniversary gifts

I’ve had two guys contact me lately, each approaching their 7th year of marriage, each looking for copper jewelry for an anniversary gift knowing it is their “year of copper or wool (or desk sets).” One asked for a copper nest pendant with a freshwater pearl “egg” for each of their children.
The other one designed this personalized necklace with their initials on hammered copper tags, the year they got married (in Roman numerals), a heart for love, and a rose which has a special meaning in their relationship.
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British dog tags

I get requests for custom orders all the time, but every once in a while I get an assignment that is really neat and I like to share it with you.  This time it was from a fellow named Hereward (Hez) “across the pond.”  He wanted a christening present for his great nephew whose Dad is in the Royal Marines, so he asked me to recreate a set of British military issue ID tags (the round kind with a smaller chain for the second tag), but in sterling silver with the father’s service number and name and the baby’s birthdate and name.  Hez sent me all the measurements right down to the diameter of the ball chain and the size of the hole in the tag through which the chain goes.  I sent him a picture before I set off for the post office and he was very pleased, couldn’t wait to give the guys their gifts.  Isaac is a month older than Olivia, so I bet he’ll be excited for a new shiny object.

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Heading into the holiday season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I actually take great pleasure in finding that perfect something for each of my loved ones.  But, I’ve learned to do my shopping early because I inevitably get swamped with orders at this time of year.

On my Personalized Pieces page I’ve added a deadline…

…and a surcharge for orders finalized December 2-7.  So if you’re thinking about ordering personalized jewelry, please let me know soon!
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Stamped Bird and Branch

Fresh snow blankets the ground.  A sparrow perches nearby on a crab apple branch, waiting for the blue jay to leave so she can have a turn at the feeder.

I love twigs.  I love berries.  I love birds.  Is it any surprise that my newest option in stamped jewelry is a combination of those things? 

These bird & branch tags can be personalized with your children’s names along the edge, and I can apply the design to most of the shapes and materials listed on this page.

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Wedding Invitation Pendant

When I get a really cool custom order, I like to share the story.  I was asked by a wedding guest to take the scrollwork from the invitation and make it into a pendant with the bride and groom’s monogram and a bead drop to match the wedding color.
Some of the scrollwork ran off the page, so I had to do a little Photoshopping before I had an image I liked.  Originally the customer wanted me to stamp block letters into the pendant for the monogram, but because I’m working in Photoshop I can use whatever font I want.  Customer liked the chiseled monogram.
From that image I created a custom texture sheet to use with silver clay (PMC) to create the pendant.  How?  Special polymer, transparency film, UV light, and a toothbrush.  Got that?  Sounds like MacGyver?  Perhaps a tutorial is in order. 
I love coming up with the logistics to create a piece, but I have to give credit to my customer for coming up with such a beautiful and meaningful idea. 
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New Tutorial

Steve and I just visited the Outer Banks, and for a couple days it poured down rain. So I was on the sofa with my laptop, doing a little web surfing and, more notably, writing the Spinning Wheel Pendant Tutorial.  Riveting is fun, especially tube-riveting (because I find it easier than wire-riveting). It may seem like a long list of tools and supplies, but many of them are basic jeweler’s tools or items you can find at a hardware store, and you can buy the kit ($20 including the tutorial) if you want to skip the drill, saw, and file steps. It’s a great way to dress up a basic stamped name necklace for a new level of cool Mom Jewelry. I have other *riveting* tutorial projects up my sleeve, including one with PMC and another that covers wire rivets, so stay tuned!

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My dream

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so I’ve been a busy bee making stamped pendants for gift-giving. Oh, and that little full-time job of being a mom. But, I’ve also started getting orders for graduation gifts.This set is for a French IV class, the first group of kids this young teacher has had through the whole set of French classes. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day the teacher had the students write in their journals about their thoughts as they face graduation and life beyond. The title of the journal entry was to be Mon rêve, which means ‘my dream’, so the teacher had me stamp sterling tags with this phrase — pendants for the girls and keychains for the guys. Hopefully the students will remember both their dreams and their beloved teacher.

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New font for stamped jewelry

I’m slowly emerging from the fog of new-parenthood to tackle the pile of orders on my desk and tell you about my new set of lowercase alphabet stamps in a fun, whimsical typeface called Kismet.

I also added a new tag shape (this copper washer) and a keychain option under chains.

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, and a creative gift idea for moms (or grandmothers) is personalized jewelry bearing the kids’ names.

You can read about the options for my stamped jewelry here and other personalized jewelry here.

I wish you all a happy weekend full of spring-like weather like we’re having here in Virginia. No offense to February, but good riddance to winter!

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A Page Of Its Own

Website update: I created a new page for stamped jewelry, accessible from the Custom Jewelry page or by clicking here. I figured it would be a better way to give people an idea about pricing and options before emailing me for a quote. This piece is made from rich low brass, which is an economical alternative to gold (currently trading at $918.50). Coulson and Charlie are my friend Val’s kids. Speaking of Charlies, if you haven’t seen the “Charlie Bit Me” video, you owe it to yourself to watch it.

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Other Mothers

“Mom” isn’t the only word appropriate for Mother’s Day (May 11). Don’t forget the other gals in your life who are also mothers!

These are customizable, so I can add a crystal birthstone on the bottom or stamp a leaf/spiral/flower below the letters.