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British dog tags

I get requests for custom orders all the time, but every once in a while I get an assignment that is really neat and I like to share it with you.  This time it was from a fellow named Hereward (Hez) “across the pond.”  He wanted a christening present for his great nephew whose Dad is in the Royal Marines, so he asked me to recreate a set of British military issue ID tags (the round kind with a smaller chain for the second tag), but in sterling silver with the father’s service number and name and the baby’s birthdate and name.  Hez sent me all the measurements right down to the diameter of the ball chain and the size of the hole in the tag through which the chain goes.  I sent him a picture before I set off for the post office and he was very pleased, couldn’t wait to give the guys their gifts.  Isaac is a month older than Olivia, so I bet he’ll be excited for a new shiny object.