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Sweden: Day 4

I met up with one of the other company wives this morning for more of the same – shopping, sightseeing, pictures, people-watching. She was the first to note that these cars look like rollerskates.

It’s strawberry season in Sweden, so you find them everywhere. Small and sweet the way I like them, no apple-sized berries from Costco here.

The company provided dinner for us at the office – they said it would be pizza and beer, but what we came to find out was the pizza was topped with very little cheese and had interesting topping combos like banana/curry and olive/artichoke. The beer (and pear cider) was from a local microbrewery where one of Steve’s colleagues also works.

One thing I love about this company is how obvious it is that the employees enjoy each other’s company. We sat and talked (and drank) in the office atrium for several hours, then finally decided to go to an open-air restaurant for the rest of the evening. Because we are so far north, it is light out until 11 or 12, so I had no idea how late it was when we finally got back to the hotel.

My battery charger stopped working alltogether, so again I have no pictures of the team to show you. 🙁