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Sparkles Workshops

I am really excited to see Connie and my Sparkles students again! Thanks so much to those of you who keep in touch; it warms my heart.
I made a PMC Workshops page so they didn’t take over my regular class page. I added class descriptions as well, so you can see what you’ll be working on. Please note that the schedule has changed a bit. If we need another section for beginners, we can add one earlier on Friday. Basic tool kits are required, but you only have to buy it once and you’ll be equipped to work with PMC at home. I’m still working on the price because I’m trying to source things, but I’m guessing around $30. Fire! I didn’t include a torch in the kit because some people may want to skip that and go straight to a kiln. Crazy! Ahem. (I am one of those people; I never torch-fired anything until my certification course – scandalous!) I will have a torch for firing in class, so you can make that decision later. You may even own a torch if you make Crème Brulée or if someone in your household does plumbing. I have yet to post the amount of clay needed for each different workshop. The price depends on the crazy silver market, so I’ll price it according to how much it is when I buy it, then update that web page so you know what to expect. Ballpark estimate: $40 (no promises).For everyone else who would rather me go on about birds and our bathroom remodel, I apologize for all the jewelry-talk lately.