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New stuff

This pendant is a domed copper disc with a domed sterling disc patterned with my new swirl stamp, riveted together with brass tubing. It was supposed to be a pair of earrings, but after patterning the first silver disc I couldn’t find the stamp again. Those of you who have seen my studio are chuckling. It is surprising to me how long it takes to make a simple pendant like this, so I’m hoping once I get the hang of it (or get more organized) I’ll get faster. My friend Cheryl accused me of having a temporary obsession with domed metal, so I’m determined to prove her wrong. (Good luck in the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow, though!)

These are my new favorite pair of earrings. I love that they go with everything and aren’t too fancy. I put the big honkin’ freshwater pearls at the bottom so they’d have good swing.