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Naptime=Work time

I have a two-year-old who naps during the afternoons.  Mostly.  Her preschool starts September 7 and until then her naptimes are really the only time I have to work.  So today when the house started shaking and there was no evidence of wind or large truck or explosion, I walked downstairs, noted the time, and went back to pricing and tagging the new round of jewelry for the shop.  After all, time is money.  And when my husband called my cell I ignored it because he knows when I’m working I don’t run downstairs to get the phone that lives in my purse.  In fact, when he emailed shortly thereafter to ask if I was okay, I tartly emailed back to say I was working and if he wanted to talk he could call the phone in my studio.  (I figured he was just worried because I didn’t answer my cell.)  So then he wrote back and said he’d been trying to call, the phone lines are down, and did I feel the quake?

Quake?  Really?  Oh, that.  It crossed my mind when the house was rattling that it might be a quake, but I figured it was local and might not even register on the Richter scale, so there was no sense in getting worked up.  After all, it’s naptime and I was focused on getting my new inventory priced.  Then I realized the quake was making the front page of and my entire news feed on FaceBook. 

So yeah, we had a 5.8 earthquake here in Virginia, it was over before I realized what it was, and we’re fine. 

(stolen from FB — sorry and thanks to the original poster!)