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More Fall Baking

I apologize to the jewelry people… I just don’t have that much to share lately in that department. I haven’t told you about the 8-month saga of a website redesign that recently ended miserably; maybe I’ll share when I have more perspective or a better ending.

On a happier note, I like to cook with my friend Lauren. First she had me over for Phad Thai, then a different week I did Japanese Crusted Chicken. Living in apple country in apple season, tonight she did apple-nut stuffed chicken and we made a new (to me) kind of apple dumplings, thanks to a suggestion by our friend Reid. Up until now I’ve always done the traditional rolling-dough-pinching-corners-whole-apple kind of dumplings. They are so good, but a lot of work. Reid’s version is simply refrigerator biscuits wrapped around apple quarters: much easier and just as good. Lauren and I made some with Grands buttermilk biscuit dough squished flat (1/2 biscuit per apple quarter), and the rest with crescent rolls. Liked both, but ultimately crescent rolls win out for me because of the dough shape (flat).

Lauren also tried a different Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and they tasted great but different than mine, so now we’re each going to make another batch and do a side-by-side taste test. In the name of science. And antioxidants.