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This weekend I drove to Delaware to do some shopping and teach three PMC worshops at Sparkles Bead Shop. I had a really fun time with my students, although it’s surprising how quickly 3 hours can go by. (A side note for my students: July workshops are posted and there is a sign-up sheet at Sparkles.)The few hours when we weren’t working I got to hang out with my pal Cheryl, so we were eating cheeseburgers, cupcakes, or sweet potato pancakes… or too sleepy to talk. A Blueberry Pom is my new favorite drink, followed closely by a strawberry lemonade from Ruby Tuesday.My biggest challenge of the weekend was the fact that I tore a contact lens right before my first workshop and didn’t bring my glasses. I didn’t have any depth perception, so trying to analyze whether the students’ bezels were grabbing the girdles (don’t ask) made me feel about twice my age. But, the 3-hour drive home went fine and I didn’t get headaches, plus Steve had bought me flowers and that just makes everything better. Tonight my pal Molly (She Who Has a Great Sense of Personal Style) is helping me pick out frames for a spare set of glasses which will stay in my suitcase!