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Steve likes to try new handcrafted beers and is always checking out that section of the grocery stores, so I got him a beer-making system for his birthday. We know at least 5 other people who brew their own beer (BYOB) so it seems to be gaining popularity. Monks even do it. Riley inspected each piece as it came out, and thought seriously about taking a nap in the box.

In other news, our neighbor mowed his lawn on this, the tenth of January. Yes, we just had our annual January Heat Wave, but his yard in no way looked shaggy. And then he had to let the mower run to empty the gas tank, so we got to listen to mower-din for over an hour. I guess he could have two cars on blocks and a sofa on his front porch, so I am thankful he’s at the “caring” end of the spectrum.