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Steve and I spent Christmas with his family in upstate New York. All 7 of the kids and their peripheral people were there, so we had a full house and a lot of fun. Good travels, good company, good food, and a white Christmas! Before we left I was in Frantic Mode trying to get gifts wrapped, orders in the mail, and all the last-minute things I have to do before leaving on a trip so it took me a few days to unwind and feel relaxed.

Now that we’re back home and Christmas is over, I want to address a few back-burner things like my horribly messy house and studio and projects that are unfinished (or even unstarted — Have I mentioned that my sewing machine is in a box from the move?) I love getting letters telling about how my friends are doing and how their kids are growing, as long as it doesn’t sound too perfect. But December is a crazy month for AnneMade and I never send Christmas cards any more. So this year I’m hoping to send New Years cards so I can actually devote time to it.

Other things I have put off are getting my lampworking studio set up (thanks for the inspiration, Kerry!) and working with PMC before my certification course. So if I don’t write that much for a while, forgive me for doing what I actually ought to be doing. Happy 2008 to you all!