3-in-1 Layered Necklace Set


Take the guesswork out of layering!  This solid sterling silver necklace set features a hand-formed sterling silver hook clasp where you can attach the ends of multiple chains and fasten as one.  Having the hook clasp anchors the tiny chain clasps to keep them from migrating to the front, and helps keep the chains from tangling.  You can mix and match chains, and even add in some of your own.   Since the clasp adds some length, the chains in this set are adjusted to compensate. Here are the measurements when using the multi-strand hook clasp (and when worn separately using their own little clasps):
Short layer: Small Eternity 16″ chain (14.5″ choker on its own, which is great with any neckline)
Medium layer: Beaded 17.5″ chain (16″ by itself; perfect for a v-neck)
Long layer: Smooth Bar 21.5″ chain (20″ separately, which works well with a crewneck or boatneck)

PLUS, when purchased as a set these necklaces are $10 less than when purchased separately, with the added features of the multi-strand hook clasp.  This is a great piece for gift giving!

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