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Steve and I spent the last 5 days in sunny Bermuda. What a gorgeous island! We found plenty of sea glass in between beach bumming and restaurant hopping, so look for some new jewelry featuring these frosted wonders.

We also got to check out some of the attractions like the Unfinished Church in St. George’s with its stone columns and gothic arches. It was almost finished when a hurricane destroyed much of it, so only the walls remain with a grass carpet and the sky as the roof – a photographer’s dream.

I would write more, but I am getting ready for my studio open house this Saturday and there’s a lot to do before then! I’ll post new designs on my site next week if they don’t sell before then.

More pictures here!

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My husband, Steve, arrived home last night from a week-long conference in Geneva. It was so great to see him again. He is in sales, but normally doesn’t have to travel, so when he does it’s kinda hard on both of us. But, he brought me Swiss chocolate. Lots of it. In flavors like Creme Brulee and Truffle…

I normally have the house to myself during the day, but I got more accomplished than normal while he was gone. It probably had something to do with cooler temperatures in my studio over the weekend, which of course was followed by intense heat and humidity this week, so I worked at night. (Got the estimates on an A/C unit, still waiting for installation). I’m trying to get ready for my studio open house on September 24. If you’d like more information, please email me — anne at annemade-jewelry dot com.

In other news, I recently found out I’m going to be an aunt! My brother’s wife, Jen, is due in April. Congratulations and thanks for relieving the pressure to bear grandchilren for our parents!

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Many times I have been asked if I teach classes. The answer is YES! I just updated my website with the schedule (on the info page). I’m having my final Illusion Style Necklace class tonight for the season, because it’s kind of a summery look. It would look fab with crystals for Christmas parties, though…

If you don’t see a class listed that you’d like to take, just email me and I can teach you privately.

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Silver Buckle

I met with one of my favorite clients today, Lauri Crothers at The Silver Buckle in North East, MD. Love her. It’s funny how I still get nervous when meeting with buyers. My designs are kinda personal, and I’m putting myself out there when presenting them for others’ critique. I’m working on distancing myself so that I don’t get too emotionally involved. Nonetheless, I still get really excited when people like my stuff, like today. Thanks, Lauri!

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I need air

We live in a 140-some-year-old house, the third floor of which is my studio. The main part of the house has central heat and air, but there is no ductwork in the studio to keep the temperature regulated. Add to this the huge skylights and small layer of insulation between the ceiling and roof, and my studio turns into a sauna in the summertime and a walk-in fridge in the winter. We considered installing a window air conditioner, but the lone vertical window is too small to accommodate one. After moving my work area to a card table in the foyer for the summer and browsing online for a portable A/C unit, I happened upon a solution: a through-the-wall air conditioner/heater. Steve and I are all about DIY home repair, but something about cutting a hole in the side of the house and the resulting exterior caulking job 3 floors off the ground was a little too daunting, so I’ve called to get estimates from professionals.

Meanwhile, during the cooler weather I’ve begun to move my mess back up to the studio. I even have a new work surface! Our friend Mitch is fixing up a house and gave us the old butcher block counter from the kitchen. Pair that with an orphan file cabinet under one end and a new Ikea drawer unit under the other end and now I’ve got another great new spot to work. The piece de la resistance is that I took my handy router and cut long grooves in the surface for a built-in design board.

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In the trenches

I’m in the middle of loading my fall collection of jewelry onto my website. It takes a while to scan everything and write descriptions, plus if you’ve been to my site before you may have noticed a color change from the ol’ periwinkle and lime. Let me know what you think!

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Labor Day

Finally we’re getting some beautiful weather here in Delaware! We had a long, cool spring (it was too chilly for flip flops until June) and then a hot, humid summer (I didn’t even want to go to the beach, much less work in my hot studio). It was tough for me to get into “fall mode” and make my first round of jewelry for retail clients who were expecting an August delivery. Now the air is crisp, the leaves are beginning to change, we’ve had a relaxing weekend, and I’m ready to get back to my workbench. My next event is an open house during Historic New Castle’s Art on the Green festival September 28th. Artists and crafters peddle their wares at Battery Park, so I’m planning to have a table display in front of my house. Feel free to stop by if you’re in the area. You may even notice special pricing for that day (hint hint!).

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Day One

This is where I plan to keep my friends, family, and clients informed on the goings-on in my world. I may not post every day (or even every week), but check back often to see unparalleled wit and narrative of my life.