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Personalized Pieces

I have made hundreds of necklaces for moms and grandmothers representing their families.  Stamped discs and other shapes, one tag per name or all the names on one like this grandmother’s tag. (This is her son’s family and her daughter’s family was on a second tag.)

I really like the look of initials with a dot border…

… so I decided to make one for myself now that we have Bowen.  Except if I do my children’s initials it’s either a type of tampon (OB) or body odor (BO – also that looks like just Bowen’s name).  So I thought I’d add Steve’s initials to make an odd number, but if I put them in order of appearance in my life it makes SOB.  Add in my own initials and people are going to think I’m really into Japanese noodles.

So back to square one with just my kids’ names…  I could collectively refer to them as Bolivia.  Or oboe.  And so it goes… The cobbler’s kids remain barefoot and I don’t have a stamped name necklace to wear.

Mother’s Day is coming up, so please don’t wait until May to request a personalized necklace for a mom in your life.

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  1. This makes me laugh (and cry) and laugh! My initials spell "SAM" so when I do initials, people sometimes think that's my name. I hyphenated my last name when I married but never added the last letter "SAMN" sounds too much like a fish.

    My mom's used to be "FAR" until she married and got to add an "M" which made sense to me because she lived on one growing up.

    But I could never understand when I was little about my grandfather's initials being on his glass case. Why would the case spell "EAR" when the glasses were for his eyes?! 🙂

    Sorry about your necklace!

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