Paddle Pin Earrings Tutorial


Make these decorative leaf-shaped headpins out of wire and paper for a resin-coated effect without the mess and annoyance of mixing up 2-part epoxy resin. Then add beads to the wire and also make round ear hooks to finish the earrings. You can use these Paddle Pins on all different types of jewelry, not just earrings. Variations at the end of the tutorial include ideas for other shapes of paddle pins (including those in the last photo).

This tutorial includes detailed, step-by-step instructions with high-quality color photographs and a full materials list. The PDF can be downloaded instantly after payment is completed.

Level: Beginner

Supplies needed: 18-20 gauge wire, Mod Podge, Diamond Glaze, decorative paper, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, nylon jaw pliers, Sharpie marker, tweezers, hammer, bench block, file.